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RIOT Science Club

The RIOT Science Club is a seminar series that raises awareness and provides training in Reproducible, Interpretable, Open & Transparent science practices. Started in mid-June 2018 at King’s College London by Samuel Westwood and co-organised by Marion Criaud, Olivia Kowalczyk, and Sheut-Ling Lam. The initiative is entirely early career researcher-led and has now expanded beyond Denmark Hill Campus to a growing number of sites and is now partnered with the UK Reproducibility Network. All presentation slides are stored on our Open Science Framework page and recordings are uploaded to our YouTube channel.

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Putting the R.I.O.T into science!


What: Hire your way to better science
When: Tuesday 26th January, 10:30-12:00 (GMT)
How much: FREE!

In the last few years there has been much conversation about how to improve research practices and research culture. In the flurry of presenting and developing new initiatives, there has however been less emphasis placed on reviewing and improving more established practices already ingrained in the research ecosystem. One of these practices that is critical to how research functions is hiring and promotion.

This event aims to highlight the importance of hiring and promotion, by calling on a diverse set of researchers’ and funder perspectives. We will hear from an early-career, mid-career and senior researcher, to understand how hiring and promotion affects them and their colleagues. The event will outline ways in which researchers and institutions have already improved their hiring practices, and discuss what is still missing, setting up a future blueprint for improving research and research culture through hiring and promotion.

This event is organised in collaboration with the Academy of Medical Sciences, UK Reproducibility Network, and ReproducibiliTea.

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What: Open research: A vision for the future
When: Tuesday 2nd March
How much: FREE!

Recent years have seen greater adoption of practices aiming to improve the reproducibility and transparency of research. These practices, however, are still not universally endorsed. Moreover, issues surrounding the research culture, its openness and diversity, persist. This free half-day conference intends to highlight the importance of open research in improving the academic ecosystem. We will hear from a diverse set of speakers, ranging from early career researchers to senior academics, from around the world discussing the future of open research practices. This event is interdisciplinary and open to all.

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