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RIOT Science Club

The RIOT Science Club is a seminar series that raises awareness and provides training in Reproducible, Interpretable, Open & Transparent science practices. Started in mid-June 2018 at King’s College London by Samuel Westwood and co-organised by Marion Criaud, Olivia Kowalczyk, and Sheut-Ling Lam. The initiative is entirely early career researcher-led and has now expanded beyond Denmark Hill Campus to a growing number of sites and is now partnered with the UK Reproducibility Network. All presentation slides are stored on our Open Science Framework page and recordings are uploaded to our YouTube channel.

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Putting the R.I.O.T into science!


The RIOT Science Club is proud to announce a new event in collaboration with ReproducibiliTea and the Francis Crick Institute.

What: Reproducible data science with R
Who: Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel
When: Tuesday, 10th November, 9:30-11:30am GMT
How much: FREE!

For data analysis to be reproducible, the data and code should be assembled in a way such that results (e.g. tables and figures) can be re-created. While the scientific community is by and large in agreement that reproducibility is a minimal standard by which data analyses should be evaluated, and a myriad of software tools for reproducible computing exist, it is still not trivial to reproduce someone’s (sometimes your own!) results without fiddling with unavailable analysis data, external dependencies, missing packages, out of date software, etc. In this workshop, we will demonstrate a workflow for reproducible data science with R, R Markdown, Git, and GitHub. Experience with R is expected but familiarity with the other tools is not required. The workshop will consist of demonstrations and hands-on exercises.

To register follow this link.


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