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King’s Open Research Conference

This event has passed. The recordings can be viewed here.

The King’s Open Research Conference (KORC) aims to bring together an international, interdisciplinary audience of researchers to engender a shift to robust research practices: for the betterment of both research quality and culture.

The overarching aim of the conference is to promote Open Research practices, which represent the best practices in reproducible and transparent research that are applicable to many if not all research domains.

The conference is separated into three parts: two talk sessions and a roundtable discussion. 

  • Morning talk session. Speakers will discuss the common issues and barriers that undermine the quality and credibility of our research. These include fraud, questionable research practices, publication bias, and  inappropriate incentives. 
  • Afternoon talk session. Speakers will discuss top-down and bottom-up initiatives and solutions that can be implemented by researchers and educators, providing evidence in how they have benefited research and research culture. 
  • Roundtable discussion. The afternoon talk session is supplemented by a panel discussion with funders and initiatives promoting and supporting Open Research. This will be an opportunity to interact with individuals behind models of how one can exert positive change.